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Jim and Ricky provide a really good course for creating a blog website that can be monetized. Like they always say not all students will have the same level of success. From my own experiences so far I would say if you join project 24 and put the work in that these guys lay out for you step by step then you should be able to achieve some level of success. No I don’t get a referral fee for mentioning this. I just believe in the process.
Grant Handford
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I’ve bought into a couple of other affiliate marketing/passive income type programs and I’ve been totally disappointed. But not with Jim and Ricky. Let me tell you why. I’m just in the beginning stages of Project 24. I haven’t even figured out a niche yet. What I like about these guys is that they’re honest with you. The other programs I bought into only blew smoke up your backside and sold you only the upside of this business, but not telling you about any of the possible downside. Always telling me I could make money right away, maybe overnight.


What I love about these guys is that they’re being up front with you about it. How you can’t try to monetize too soon. You can’t expect to see cash coming in for a certain period of time. You have to be persistent. You have to be patient. They tell you the pros and cons of each area of online marketing. They tell you that it’s going to take a lot of up front work, but worth it in the long run. Not like the other so called “gurus” that try to make it look so simple that you can start making hundreds next week. They lay it out there for you to decide.

I was hesitant at first. Trust me, I know.  I purchased Project 24… I did so because I reviewed other courses and nothing compares. They’re literally walking us, by the hand, through this process.

James Helms
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I took what I learned from you (BTW, I am a Director of Digital Media at a large organization and my team is made up of professional SEOs) and we implemented on a site.

We have grown from 0 keywords indexed to more than 388 and we are hitting first page in Google for many long tail key phrases. Over time we have seen our long tail taper down to very broad match keywords and we are commonly earning page 1. In fact, we have earned the coveted features snippet using your techniques.

We have surpassed our goals and done better using your techniques versus well known SEO best practices. It is definitely our secret weapon for ranking and gaining traffic. We are still early in, but seeing dividends. You guys are awesome.

Pip & I
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I won a snippet on an article less than 2 weeks old. So excited. This really works. Thank you!!

The Provident Prepper
Project 24 Member
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Project 24 is awesome. I’m a member and the information is absolute gold. It’s worth every penny.

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I’m in the program. People are posting everyday about their first success, and some of those people are actually starting to hit their income goals. I’ve taken a lot of “authority and niche site” courses, and most are B.S. These guys have a real step by step program that works, and more importantly, they are active in the group chat and help people constantly. I’m still within my first month, but I’ve accomplished more in the last month on this program than I have in the past few years. It’s a lot of writing (by you or paying others) so it’s not easy to start, but if you follow along their program, and you put your head down and do the work, you will achieve your goals.

Lane Watson
“I decided to apply one of your tips to another site I built out over a year ago.  All I did was where I had Amazon images and ‘Check price at Amazon’ buttons, I changed to contextual links and made products personal recommendations rather than just sales links.  My conversions have gone through the roof!  In fact I have made x4 the sales with the same traffic.  nothing else changed.  Thanks so much.  Giving me even more incentive to keep going with my niche site.”
Francis Murphy

I am very pleased with the product. It keeps me on track so that I don’t get distracted. I personally feel like they “hold your hand” the perfect amount to get you where you need to go, but let you grow a little on your own with some minor “struggles” here and there. Those “struggles” tend to be the cosmetic parts of the process.


The private forum that we get as members has also been extremely valuable in staying motivated and sharing success stories and tips and tricks with one another. I don’t know how many people are on it to be honest, but there are a lot and there are people from every level of experience.

Would I sign up again? Yes. Their free content on YouTube gives you a great base, but this course has filled in any of the gaps, provided me with a private community that is interested in my success, and keeps me accountable.

Joe Mac
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“I just started my project 24. You break down the steps into a method anyone can do!”

Nathan Brackett
Project 24 Member
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“It’s the real deal. Nothing held back and you can tell they really care about the success of their students.”

Mike Haydon
Project 24 Member

We’re seeing customers every DAY in our community posting they are getting their first articles to rank on Google, winning snippets, earning money, and being successful.

We haven’t ever seen a better time to start a website.  Our niche sites are earning more now than we’ve ever achieved in the past, we’re seeing brand new sites taking off consistently (including MANY members of this course), and Google is finally able to bring the best content (no the spammiest) to the top of the listings.

If you’ve seen Jim and Ricky’s “Project Rexburg” you’ll know that they are extremely optimistic about the prospects of brand new websites taking off, and willing to invest time and money into it.

Project 24 isn’t a single course. It’s a library of courses, a podcast, a vlog, a community, etc. There are resources for people at every level. Advanced internet marketers will get more from the podcast, the vlog, and some of the more advanced courses. Beginners will get the most from the 60 steps and the community.

Some of the instruction in Project 24 is specific to WordPress.  But most of it is about creating content and is platform agnostic.

Most Project 24 members, and therefore those in the community, use WordPress and will be most helpful at answering WordPress related questions.  But if you really like your platform and don’t want to switch to WordPress, Project 24 will still be a huge help for gaining traffic and monetizing your site through great content!

There are several Project 24 members with eCommerce sites.  Project 24 teaches you how to create content that attracts a targeted group of users to your site.  How you monetize that traffic can vary widely from site to site, and eCommerce is just one of the many ways you can monetize a Project 24 site.

The only thing standing between you and success is your decision to take it.

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